Chinese Fine Art Association is an independent, nonprofit, educational organization established in 1999 here in Madison. It is an organization open to general public. The primary focus of the organization is to promote and raise awareness of various oriental arts particularly the traditional form. 

About CFAA


The goal is to bring the Eastern and Western art styles together, to create unique images of the subjects that artists observed and to introduce famous ancient techniques to interpret and create present images in their artworks. The objectives of the CFAA are to organize workshops for members and general public who are interested in exploring various forms of Chinese art, to exhibit their artworks in local community and to provide networking forum for sharing ideas and techniques among artists.

About Chinese brush painting

Through thousands of years of development, ink painting derived its unique character from oriental art. It does not mimic or imitate nature, but is a process of observation, meditation and expression. The artist cultivates and contemplates with vitality and passion until the object and subject become inseparable and the images flow out of as a wholesome one.  It is the art of using strokes of a brush or lines to capture object or scenery. This technique was developed since 4000 B.C. Three painting styles are known in China throughout the dynasties. The elaborate style began in the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). It uses fine lines, carefully drawn elements and multiple layers of color to create subtly shaded detailed paintings on rice paper and cicada paper with Chinese pigments. The spontaneous style uses free flowing application of pigment or ink on paper to attain the feel of the subject rather than showing lifelike details. The landscape style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279AD) combines elements of both above styles to show misty mountains, rocky cliff, pines, lakes and waterfalls.